Welcome to Cleveland Cedar Products!

Cleveland Cedar is a family-owned business in Northern Vermont run by the "Cedar Guy" Henry Cleveland, a native Vermonter, who has 32 years of expertise in cedar products. Henry's family has been running Cleveland Cedar for the past 21 years delivering the highest quality cedar products and building supplies to the New England area. With his wife Audria at his side, it's hard to beat their dedication to their customers. Henry is the owner, salesman and truck driver. No one can match our quality and prices.

Why Cedar?

Natural Durability
Cedar is one of the most durable and decay-resistant wood there is. It provides long, dependable service with little or no maintenance, even under high-moisture conditions.

Few softwoods can be easily prepared for painting or staining and none provides a better quality finished surface. Most importantly, the species does not contain resin canals or pitch pockets to ruin stain or paint application. Whether you want natural stain or a custom color, Cleveland Cedar will do the job right.

Cleveland Cedar makes the warmth and beauty of a natural wood product very affordable for your next project. To make things a little easier for our contractors and home owners, we now do pre-staining of our clapboard, trim boards and tongue and groove.

Cleveland Cedar has access to many brands of primers and stains, or our customers are welcome to bring their own. Get the first coat done right! This can save you money down the road! Remember quality counts!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Cleveland Cedar Products does Cedar Right!